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Friday, July 24, 2015

Tales from the Bramble

Things have been going great on the farm.  My squash and zucchinis have been producing so much I've made some friends very happy.  We've already put away a couple pounds of green beans and I have two huge bags of peas that need to be shucked.  The greens bed is still putting out more than we can eat and who knows maybe we'll get a few cucumbers here this month.  

The raspberry bramble is also finally starting to mature.  This is a picture of the first ripe raspberry.  I ate it, I did not share and it was delicious.  The bramble looks like it's going to put out gallons this year.  I had some great looking 1st year canes last year and they didn't disappoint this year.  I also loaded up the bramble with all the compost I'd been cooking.

That's it from the farm, I'll have a full update this weekend.

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