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Friday, February 12, 2016

Final Touches - A small tile job

Last year, we replaced the cabinets and countertops of the old farm house.  There was originally a tile backsplash under the pass through from the kitchen to the living room, but when we took out the old countertop that tile was in the way of the new countertops so we removed it, which meant removing the drywall underneath as well.  The house needs a bunch of final touches still.  I need to finish trim and transitions, but I'm waiting for a little warmer weather.  We did decided that instead of looking at it as a whole we just break it all down to little jobs and try and tackle one a weekend.  So last MLK Jr. Day we headed down to the home center and looked at tiles.  It just happened that the space we needed to cover was 3 inches tall and about 5 feet long.  We opted for some nice white subway tiles.  They were cheap, the right thickness, height, and adjusting my grout gap the perfect length so I didn't need to cut any.  That was a big bonus.

 I opted for using a sanded colored caulk for grout.  The counter won't see wet work and the tile really is just for show.

In the end it turned out perfect for the spot.