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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Rambling and Brambling

The raspberry bramble in the yard has by far been the best and most consistant producer on the farm.  We routinely take well over 5 gallons of berries off a year and probably way more than that.  We already made a huge batch of jam with last years leftovers and some of this years crop.

 I thought it would be fun to show the progression of the summer all over the farm and lets start with our raspberries.
Early June. We had just got back from our whirlwind family visit in the lower 48 and I started to go to work on the yard. One of the first things I did was put up some fencing to help rein in our bramble. I also did quite a bit of pruning and next year I'm not only going to do a good prune, but I have a bin of compost ready to fertilize these guys.
By late June the Bramble is in full swing and made the bees very happy with all it's flowers.

By mid July new canes are starting to pop up and we are already harvesting fruit.
By mid August the new canes have come up and the bramble is getting really bushy.  Those canes should be big producers next year.

Here we are at the end of August and the weather is starting to turn cooler at night.  The fruit producing cane's leaves are starting to turn.  Still quite a few berries left in the bramble I just hope we have a little while longer to harvest.

Monday, September 1, 2014

8-30-14 Farm Update

End of the month update.  We just did a big rhubarb harvest.  Starting to get a little colder at night and looks like our season is rapidly approaching

 The raspberries have been productive again this year and the new canes look really healthy. Should mean another great year next year.
 Even with the late start the taters are looking good.
 We've had a great supply of lettuce all summer and the beats are almost ready.
 Even with only one pea fence we've gotten a great crop and the carrot tops are the largest I've ever seen in the garden.
 This yellow wax chili pepper plant has done alright in the green house and the scotch bonnet is also doing pretty good.
 Really sunny the morning I took these but the green beans have been producing like mad.  I've probably put away over 5 pounds in the freezer and we are still regularly eating them with dinner.
 Our three cherry tomatoes are doing good to and those tiny little tomatoes are oh so sweet.
 We're also finally getting a nice crop of cucumbers.  The variety this year is the Boston Pickling Cuchs and are very tasty, just not very big.  Should have enough to make a few batches of pickles.
 The yellow and green zuchs are also doing well as is some of our front yard cabbage
 A couple nice yellow Zuchs

And a few nice green ones.

Well that's it for now.