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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Long December

Like most Alaskan winters this one has been long, but fortunately the end appears to be near.  I'll say this winter wasn't as bad as the last couple years and break up is moving along well, with above freezing temps during the day and then dropping back below freezing at night.  This cycle is perfect for break up as it allows the Anchorage drainage system to handle the runoff, but not be overburdened.  And when you mix in the 2 weeks of sun, well I think we are all looking forward to Summer.  

We had a new addition to the farm this winter as well.

Probably be a few years before he can help out, but I have to say I like being a dad.

All the chickens made it thought the winter just fine and while egg production dropped way off we still managed to have just enough for us, but I know my friends are looking forward to when we are getting 2 and a half dozen eggs a week again.