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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 12th Farm Update

Been awhile since I had a good post of the farm. So lets take a walk around.

Looking in the greenhouse it's become quite a jungle.
Green beans are going really well. I've already packed away a few pounds and had many, many with dinners.
 The tomatoes have once again topped out in the green house.  We have lots of flowers and tons of small tomatoes, but we'll have to see if any ripen.
 The cucumbers have taken over their corner as well and we've been pretty diligent on pollinating.  We finally have a couple that have set.
 Got a couple pepper plants starts from a friend, I'm not sure what kind they are only I was told they are hot.  And we've already got a couple.
 Out in the beds everything is growing good.  The lettuce continues to be harvested, the beats are coming along nicely and this is our 3rd or 4th round of radishes.
 You can also congratulate Jon here. He was recently promoted to General.  General shithead and has taken that corner of the box as his own.
 The peas and carrots are both doing great.
 The peas have already topped their fence once again and even with only one pea fence this year I think we'll have plenty.
 Taters are blooming which is always a good sign.
 The bramble has really bushed up.  We've taken a couple gallons off of it already and there are tons and tons more to come.

 All the zucchini and squash plants are doing well and producing lots of fruit.

 We even had a few cabbage take and survive out front.
 There's a nice zuch there.  We've taken a lot of the smaller fruit that didn't set and have been eating them pretty constantly. Should be another good year all around for these guys.