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Sunday, June 29, 2014

End of June

Finally all caught up.  Should have a regular update about every 10 days as my work schedule permits.

Here we are at the end of June. Things are popping and growing like crazy. We are already harvesting the first round of French breakfast radishes, lettuce, and spinach. I'm hoping in the next few weeks we'll also have some green beans and maybe a few raspberries.

Mid June on the Farm

Still playing catch up with the posts.  Here's what the yard and garden looked like about June 14th.

 Peas and carrots up and going.
 Radishes radishing, lettuce and spinach growing fast and the beets are starting to pop.
 The taters are finally starting to set leaves

 In the greenhouse the beans and a few of the cuchs are up.

 The tomato starts are also doing good.
 The Zuchs are loving the sun.
And we have a few of the cabbages up as well, if I could just keep the cats out of the beds.

Early June

Start of the season.  We got a late start doing the whirlwind tour of the lower 48 introducing our son to the rest of the family.  But as soon as we got back we starting working on this years crop.  

I finally lined all my potato boxes with plastic to keep the boards from rotting. For some it was already to late.

 We ended up taking out one of the raised beds to move the chickens and their coop to their own part of the yard.  We have peas and carrots in the far bed and beats, radishes, spinach and lettuce in the closest one.
 In the green house we have 3 varities of long bush beans, a couple tomato plants and pepper plants we got as starts from a friend and cucumbers.
 I finally put some fencing up in the raspberry bramble to help support the canes and also make it a little easier to pick berries.
 Out front we have squash, zucchinni, and cabbage almost all from seed exept a few starts. I hope we have a decent enough summer.
And the first signs of life in the garden are these radish shouts.  Since I'm posting this late, this guys has already been dinner.