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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Into July -----> Farm Update

Well we are well into July and everything is going gangbusters around the farm.  All the zuchs and other Squash are doing fine.

 The peas and carrots and the greens bed.
 Still a week or two away from harvesting raspberries, but there will be gallons judging from how many flowers we've had.  The bees have been hard at work on the bramble.

 The yellow zucchini is producing very well.
 Inside the greenhouse it's a jungle with green beans taking over most of the space and cucumbers coming on strong.

Christa planted some flowers on the lower part of the front beds when none of the cabbage survived, but the upper level has some nice healthy cabbage.

Should be harvesting peas soon, and I've started taking a few long beans.  Raspberries and squash should be ready soon and I think I'm going to have to replant my lettuce as most of it has bolted already with the long warm sunny days.

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