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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Welcome to our humble little blog.  There are a few other Alaskan Farming blogs I've found, not many but a few and I've put those over on a side bar.  If you've got a blog or website dedicated to farming or sustainable or subsistence living up here or in a colder climate let me know I'll add you to the blog roll.  A little bit about us.  We bought our small home in December of 2010 and decided that in the spring we would start looking at putting in some raised beds and maybe building a greenhouse.  I'm proud to say that I got all those things done. Our first growing season in 2011 was pretty good and we had a bumper crop of cucumbers and cabbage.  I added another raised bed and window boxes this year for some more growing space, but this year was a dismal growing season in Anchorage with it being very cool and rainy almost the whole summer.  Not that we didn't have some good stuff grown, just not nearly as good a season as last year.

I'll be posting past progress and future progresses. Sharing some of the building and additions I've added to the "farm" and our successes and failures along the way.  Canning tips, recipes, ect are all in the mix. We aren't hippy dippy types, not that there's anything wrong with that, just some common folk looking to supplement the mediocre vegetables and fruits we get up here with some of our own, sharing and saving for the long winter months.  Thanks for joining us here.

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