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Monday, October 27, 2014

Working on the farm house.

Well the crops are all in.
 Had a nice haul on the potatoes and carrots.
 Bought a dehydrator and of course had to start playing with it right away.
 But it was also time to start working on the floors and eventually the kitchen.  The wee pup is almost ready to crawl and we wanted to get rid of our nasty carpet and put in a nice wood floor.
 The one thing I'll say about my house is that when ever I think I've seen it all I find something new to shake my head at.  I think these tiles were put here to help level the floor for the carpet.  This corner is where the previous owners had a wood stove.
 Luckily most of the living room was fairly level.

 However once I got to the hallway I found more surprises. I forgot to take a before picture, but they had dug up the waterline or gasline, something and there was a big elevation difference so I decided to do a self leveler in the area.

 Over all it turned out great and made for a great surface to lay the flooring on.

 Still have to floor the babies room and in a couple weeks tear out the kitchen for new floor and cabinets as well.

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