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Sunday, July 13, 2014

July 13, 2014

Temperatures here in Anchorage have remained about normal if not a little on the cool side and we've had a nice mix of sun and rain, so even though we got a late start a lot of our stuff is going strong.

 The peas are flowering, the carrots are already pretty tall and need a little thinning.
 The lettuce and spinach have been enjoyed for weeks now and we area already on our 2 and third plantings on the French breakfast radishes.  And the beets are coming along nicely.
 Taters are getting bushy.
 As are the raspberries, lots of flowers and happy bees on those bushes.
 In the green house the long beans are putting out a lot of flowers and I'm hoping the next time I post I can report our first crop of beans.
 Cuchs are starting to climb and I've seen the start of a few flowers.
 The tomatoes we got as starts have reached the top of the greenhouse roof.
And we've had a few cabbage actually make it and the squash and zuchs are starting to put out a few flowers.

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