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Monday, July 22, 2013

Farm update 7/22/13

Sorry for the break.  Works been keeping my busy and I had taken a few photos a few weeks ago and never got around to publishing them.

So on my short break from work Christa and I managed to make it down to get some sockeye salmon and I scored some halibut from a friend in Petersburg.  So the freezer is full of fish protein.
In bed #1 the onions and peas are doing pretty good.  If we manage to keep the chickens and cats out of the bed.
Bed #2 is doing pretty outstanding, Carrots, beats and peas all going crazy.
Bed 3 has the lettuce mix, turnips, and a buch of other stuff all doing really well.
Potatoes are already flowering.
In the greenhouse everything is going gangbusters with all the sun and heat we've been having.  Our tomatoe corner has been pumping out some nice sized tomatoes. That's a first for me as our tomatoes never seem to do very good.
Our medley of 3 kinds of long beans. We've been eating on these guys for a while now.
And our cucumbers have been flowering for awhile, but I just now noticed a few female flowers starting to open.
The squash and zuchs out front are doing well with a bunch of fruit, and some cabbage coming up.  I doubt we'll see that come in, but what can you do.

I was having some fun with my iphone. Here are a couple panarama's around the yard.
Until next time.

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